Sunday, August 16, 2015

Old Horse and Jockey version 2 Tasting

Appearance- deep dark brown, mostly black but with chestnut highlights in the right light. Small off white head sticks around but doesn't have as much volume as I would like despite a vigorous pour.

Smell- complex, lots of chocolate, roast, and oak with some of the bourbon and scotch character in the mix.

Taste- up front is chocolate, coffee and sweet malt with the middle and finish showing more of the oak and whiskey character, just balancing out a fairly high level of sweetness.

Mouthfeel- moderate-high body, moderate carbonation. Just a little denser than what I would like in a porter, but not bad.

Overall- this beer is alright, not great. There's a lot here but the high residual sweetness is only moderately tempered by the booze and oak. More bourbon and more oak may have helped, but the grain bill and mash schedule also could use some revisions to lower the crystal malt and get a little less body.