Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brewery Names

While getting excited today over preparations for bottling my Pumpkin and Coffee Pumpkin Ales tomorrow I began thinking about beer names and recipes.  Before long I found that while I enjoy a wide range of styles the types of names I would give to beers I made in these styles typically reference American culture (especially for American style beers), or history/imperialism/mythology for most European styles.

Based on these types of names (and the images I could put on the bottles) I came up with a brewery name  "The New World Brewing Co." an homage to the past and the sense of adventure and Americanism I want my beers to embody. Unfortunately there is already a New World Brewery which is actually a bar that does not brew its own beer (lame), and New World Brewing used by a couple of homebrewers like scratch that idea.  That being said it seems many of my ideas for brewery names either already exist as real breweries or are used by homebrewers, like myself, to describe their beers.  For example continuing with the New World idea I found that Old World Brewery already exists, as do Manifest Destiny and Destiny breweries (at least in some respect), New American Brewing, New Century Brewing Co., etc...  Are there truly this many craft and homebrewers with similar minds or am I just less creative than I had thought? While clearly I will never run a real brewery it would be nice to have some sort of name for the beers I give people.

Edit: So I think I have found a name which is neither taken and fits one I'm looking for:
New Frontier Brewing

While this name isn't set I've been looking into labels which would incorporate it using sites like Beerlabelizer and have been thinking about what a label would look like...maybe a globe? One idea is a globe with a bar through it similar to the Transport for London logo.

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