Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brew and Blog Schedule

I've found myself struggling to post as regularly as I would like to this blog for a number of reasons that range from too many ideas to too few. In the end I have decided that sticking to a semi-strict schedule and streamlining what types of posts I write should be the best way forward. The schedule which I have decided to use is:

  • Every Monday: 1 post on my own homebrew. This may be:
    •  A recipe
    • A tasting
    • A review of equipment/process
    • Other goings on in my brew life (e.g. Competitions, meetings, experiments, etc...)
  • One other day per week: 1 post on brewing in general. This may be:
    • A discussion of styles
    • An analysis of processes
    • Commercial brewery reviews
    • Brewery tour notes
    • Beer magazine/book reviews
    • Rants/complaints
    • Any general ideas or observations that don't seem to fall into things I am actually brewing/have brewed but might relate to homebrewing, the brewing industry or this blog in general.
  • Other Changes I hope to make include:
    • More updates as I move the beer from grain to glass
    • More links to find reviews from recipes and vice versa
    • Including full recipes here in addition to Beercalculus
With this set schedule I will have a better way to give the types of posts I want to for both myself and others to learn from and should improve the focus towards the end goal: Good Beer!

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