Friday, July 6, 2012

Rough Day

Well today was a rough day for me beer wise. After working my 9 to 5 I went to move half my hefeweizen onto limeade only to realize that my siphoning tube was dirty.  In addition to this the bottles that I thought I had clean to bottle the other half into were at least somewhat dirty and most of the other bottles sitting around had mold in them.  I dropped my hydrometer case with beer and hydrometer in it (the hydrometer didn't break but the beer went all over) and it took me over half an hour to clean residual krausen gunk out of my better bottle.  Like I said, it was rough day for me beer wise and I hope that I'm still able to bottle half the batch, rack the other half and brew up a smoked porter this weekend without too much more difficulty.  Some times this hobby is just doing dishes...dishes that never want to come clean and when dirty will ruin all your other hard work.

At least I finally made some updates to my blog and can enjoy some older homebrews while I do so.

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