Monday, April 1, 2013

Raspberry Blonde

I brewed a raspberry blonde beer with my girlfriend on St. Patrick's day.  The beer was her idea (she said she wanted a red beer with raspberries in it) and I had her do most of the work outside of heavy lifting/moving hot water.  This was only my second all-grain batch in my cooler setup and her first attempt at making a beer.  I designed the beer with a medium-low abv, low ibu, and medium-low body in mind to allow the raspberries to really shine.  We ended up with just over 4 gallons rather than the desired 5 but OG was only slightly high so we decided not to adjust and just let it ferment for a few weeks before adding berries and going from there.

Update 3/31/13
Gravity down to 1.006. Racked off of trub and into 3 pounds of raspberries.  Girlfriend complained that she "wanted a red beer" whereas this was more of a gold.  Hopefully all of those raspberries impart some nice color in addition to flavor.  The plan is to bottle in 2-3 weeks if the flavor seems established.

Raspberries had lost most of their color so it seemed about time to bottle. Bottled with a low amount of sugar (2.1 oz) to account for residual fruit sugars. Beer had a very strong raspberry aroma and moderately fruity and sour raspberry flavor, but just a tinge of pink in the testing tube. It will be interesting to see how it tastes (and looks) once fully carbonated.

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