Sunday, April 9, 2017

Rye Bitter #2

The last time I attempted to brew an English style bitter I decided to make the grist with Rye and Golden Naked Oats. I wasn't super happy with the results (the beer had an oddly pretzel like character to it) but remained intrigued with the idea. Nearly 2 years later I've decided to give this idea another go. The key goal is to get something that feels authentically English while doing something original and fun.
Tasting (3-19-17)
Appearance: Medium amber in color with a nice rocky head. Moderate haziness, its no milkshake IPA but far from crystal clear. Pretty much right what I was going for, so far so good.

Smell: biscuits, dough, candied fruit, light plum/cherry fruits, some woody/herbal hop character.

Taste: moderate biscuity malt and yeast derived fruit give way to a pleasant drying bitterness. Some lingering rye character and classic English hop flavor (a light blend of herbal, citrus, and wood)

Mouthfeel: low carbonation (CO2 kicked) and low to moderate body. Feels authentic and works.

Overall: this is a beer that I'm really happy to have brewed. Not exciting enough to wow people, not to any style to make it an award winner, just a nicely unique and enjoyable beer that I continue to reach for despite having a few of my favorites on tap. "Sessionable" without feeling weak or watery and interesting without pounding the taste buds into submission. Just a solidly good beer.

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