Tuesday, December 3, 2013

#21b - Blackberry Brett Beer tasting

I finally got around to doing a tasting of the half batch of my brett beer with blackberries added.  For my first all brett beer this one turned out decent if a bit underwhelming.

A- beautifully clear pink tinged amber with a very small but sticky white head.

S- the fruity Brett arrives with strawberry and a bit of barnyard and the fruit arrives with berry and earthy aromas which is just a bit lemon and yogurt tinged.  The beer turns to more fruit as it warms.

T- fruity and tart berry swirls around the mouth, with just a bit of earth and funk. Very tame compared to the nose, with a sweet/sour blackberry flavor dominating but not overpowering. The slightest bit of funk shows up in the finish.

M- dry with medium to low carbonation. This is right where I wanted it to turn out and allows the beer to play in the mouth a bit like a wine or straight lambic.

O- a bit vinous in quality with nice berry flavors. The sourness is high enough that I could see this passing as a Flanders red despite the lack of bacteria. On one hand I'm very happy with this beer but on the other it doesn't draw me back for seconds the way some of my best have; perhaps I just don't want more than one sour/funky beer in a sitting. A good beer overall and I look forward to reusing this yeast.

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