Monday, January 10, 2011

First and Foremost

As my first post I feel I should introduce this blog.  I am Dan, and I brew beer.  I also enjoy beer greatly and wanted to have a place I could post on topics related to the beverage and creating it.

The primary reason behind making this blog is for keeping a personal journal on my adventures in homebrewing. This includes posting what recipes I have used (or intend to use) and what processes were used to carry them out, as well as how these ingredients and processes turn out.  The hope is that by saving this information I will have a greater ability to improve the beverages I make.

There are three secondary reasons behind this blog:

  1. to inform others of my homebrewing experiences so they may gain from them
  2. to place and store reviews of beers and related topics for my self and others to read
  3. to place and store information on any topic I seem fitting of this blog
And be it made by myself or others the end goal of this site is: GOOD BEER!

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